Do I need to upgrade to TAE40110?

Do I need to upgrade to TAE40110?

Following the May 2010 endorsement of the TAE10 Training and Education Training Package, the National Quality Council (NQC) reviewed and updated its policy on the competencies to be held by trainers and assessors under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

In June 2010, the NQC amended its policy by:

• replacing references to the TAA04 Certificate IV and assessor competencies with references to the revised TAE10 Certificate IV and assessor competencies; and
• requiring all trainers and assessors to have these qualifications/competencies or be able to demonstrate equivalent competencies (deleting all references to BSZ98 Certificate IV/competencies).

It is important to note that the new policy includes provision for trainers and assessors to ‘demonstrate equivalent competencies’. In other words, it is not the NQC’s intention to require trainers and assessors to upgrade their formal qualifications if they are able to demonstrate they have gained the required competencies through continued professional practice.

The NQC has agreed to a two year transition period until June 2012 for providers to become fully compliant.

For anyone intending to seek credit transfer and/or RPL from TAA40104 to TAE40110, it is important to remember that credit must be applied at a unit of competency level, not at a qualification level. While the vocational outcomes of the two qualifications are considered to be substantially equivalent, the selection of elective units in the TAA40104 may determine whether sufficient credit is able to be applied to award the TAE40110 without further study. It is not appropriate for an RTO to simply issue an updated qualification based on a previous qualification. An analysis of the units contained within each qualification must be undertaken to ensure complete alignment.

Visit the NQC website to the view the NQC policy for AQTF trainer and assessor competencies.

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